What You Need To Know About Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is a technologically advanced smoking device that smokers can use as an alternative to smoking tobacco rolled sticks. A single e-cig is equivalent to more than 5 packets of cigarettes, and costs less than these three packets combined. Electronic cigarettes are approved by the FDA, and can be used almost anywhere. This is unlike tobacco rolled cigarettes, that can only be used in smoking zones, and are prohibited in public areas. If you have not yet embraced the new technology here are some reasons that may convince you otherwise.

Benefits of using electronic cigarettes

1. No secondary smokers: Many people who smoke the traditional cigarettes expose none smokers to cigarette smoke and nicotine, thus making them secondary smokers. This is evident in family units where one member is a smoker. Nonetheless, using an e cig to quench your thirst for a cigarette puff exposes no one as a secondary smoker, because nicotine is availed to you alone in vaporized form. It is due to this reason why it is legal to smoke an electronic cigarette in public areas in most states around the world.

2. Value for your money: it is estimated that, a single e cig contains more than 250 puffs. This is more than 3 packets of traditional cigarettes can offer. The price of an e-cig starter pack is less than the price of these three packets. This means that smoking an e-cig gives you more satisfaction, and a reason to save your money too.
3. Remedy for those seeking to quit smoking: A medicated electronic cigarette have helped many people quit smoking, and now live free from this bondage. While other measures to help patients quit smoking have failed, the medicated e-cigs succeeded, thus making more people happier.

4. Eco-Friendly: The only by product produced when one puffs an e-cig is water vapor. This is unlike smoking traditional tobacco rolled cigarettes, as one puff releases Carbon Dioxide, Carbon monoxide and 29 more chemicals to the environment. Filters and ashes from smoking these cigarettes pollute the environment too. An e-cig is refillable, meaning you don’t have to throw the stick away when the cartridge is depleted.
5. Lung and chest infections: An extended use of these cigarettes leads to tar buildup in lungs, which may lead to lung infections and cancer. Carbon and the other chemicals released to the environment risk other persons around the smoker. Nonetheless, an electronic cigarette only releases water vapor and nicotine to the body system, thus minimizing on health and respiratory risks involved.

These are but a few reasons you should consider switching from traditional cigarettes. It is a felony to smoke traditional cigarettes in public places, and one can be jailed for the act. You can however use an electronic cigarette anywhere for as long as you do not invade anyone’s privacy. Start today and realize value for your money, and be able to save your family or friends from respiratory infections from secondary smoking. All you need to do is purchase a starter pack, and are good to go.

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